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About What is my Browser

In today’s era surfing net for information or movies or music or images is a very common activity and is done by any individual at least once a day. How do you do it? You simply go to your browser and search what you desire. Have you ever thought how does your browser do it? Why are there different browsers? What are the various tools in a browser? Why should you keep your browser updated? So here are all you need to know about your browser tools.

Understanding the term Browser

Browser is an application that you use to surf the internet. It is via browser that that you access search engines like Google and visit web pages and web applications. Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, UC Browser, Opera Mini, etc.; are all browsers. This is software that accesses and displays web pages and web applications on your laptops and computers.

Need for Different Browsers

All the browsers do same work with one or two difference between them. Still there are many options for you to choose because they vary according to the need. For instance UC Browser is known for speed, Opera Mini is known to run better on small devices like mobiles with lower RAM and many others. Basically they are competing against each other and provide the same service but to beat others each browser offers some additional features that distinguishes it from others and it is on the user to choose.

What is My Browser Tool and what is it use?

What is My Browser Tool is an online tool that shows you which browser you are using, your browser version, the type of OS (Operating System) you are using and your user agent. This might seem meaningless but is actually quite important. Every individual should know what browser they are using and what version of browser they are using so that if they are using an outdated version they can get a newer version.

This comes in handy when you have to keep a track of your device be it a laptop or a mobile phone. It is an online tool and is completely free of cost. It is fast and does not require any information from your side. You just have to open it and it will generate all the information on its own and show you the results for free.

Why should you keep your browser updated?

You should make sure that your browser is of latest version so that you are able to access better results and at better speed. Outdated versions sometimes stop working or reduce its efficiency. With each updated some features are enhanced and makes the browser more effective. Updates are usually free of cost.

Browsers have become an important part of our lives. Without them accessing information is very difficult. Not only that but connecting to people of different countries is going to be nearly impossible. Social networking will come to a stop. So browsers have made their presence worthwhile in our lives.


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