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About Server Status Checker

A Server handles all the operations that are going on within the system and manages the concurrency of the system. In technical terms, server is actually a device which accepts the user’s request and sends him the response regarding that request.

To get the request faster, it is very important to know the status of the server. If the server’s status is not in right functioning mode, then the responses will be delayed. All the network resources are managed by the servers and thus it is very important to regularly check the status of the server. There is a very effective tool to check the server’s status. It is none other than this Server Status Checker tool.

What is Server Status Checker?

Server Status Checker tool is a powerful tool which identifies the status of the server clearly with full detailing. He tool will check all the required specifications regarding the server. When checking with the Server Status Checker tool, it will give you following details:

  • URLs
  • HTTP code
  • Response time
  • Status

The URL will specify the URL of the website for which the server status has been checked. The HTTP codes represent IETF standards for the internet. They depict the connectivity status. The very first digit of the code represents the response class among the total 5 response classes. Response time shows how much time is taken between request and response and the status shows whether page is in online mode or offline mode.

How to use Server Status Checker?

Server Status Checker tool can be used very easily and is effectively understandable. The steps to be followed are very simple and easy. Here is the clear description of how to use the tool to find the status of the server for the mentioned URL. Go through the steps below:

  • Firstly, open the Server Status Checker tool.
  • There you will see an empty box with a line ‘Enter up to 100 URLs. Type the correct URL of the website for which you want to find the status of the server.
  • Final step is to give a proof that you are not a robot. For that write the correct captcha as mentioned in the image.
  • Now click on submit.

You will get complete information about the server status with all the required details.

Why use Server Status Checker?

Using Server Status Checker tool will help you know your website’s status and how fast the server is reacting to any of the responses. This way, you can improve the quality of the website by decreasing load on it or by maximizing the resources.

Tips on using Server Status Checker in a better way

Although using Server Status Checker tool is not tough but you need to keep some things in mind. These are as follows:

  • Always enter correct URL.
  • While entering second URL, always use second line.
  • Always enter correct captcha.

Server Status Checker tool is very important tool in the sense that it helps to analyze the performance of your website. So, you must have a look at it once and try to analyze the usage of the tool in the correct way.


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