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In this search engine dominated world, it is safe to assume that traffic from search engine giants like Google, Bing and Baidu etc. are the backbone of many websites and most of them will literally be perished if they get penalized from these search engines. That is the reason why most, if not everyone is trying hard to make their SEO campaign (both on-page and off-page) look natural in the eyes of Google and striving to make sure that their site doesn’t suffer a penalty.

Well, the professional bloggers know most of the minor and major things of a proper SEO optimized campaign but how will the newbies know the checklist which needs to be followed to ensure a good foundation for their site in terms of SEO?

If the thought above intrigues you, then you will be happy to know that we have a tool specially crafted for you. We call it the SEO Analysis tool. This tool is basically evaluates your site and basically provides a checklist of important things which you ought to follow if you want to be in this game of search engine optimization. Let’s see how easy this tool is for newbies to use and understand…

How to use SEO Analysis tool?

Using this SEO Analysis tool is dead simple, follow the steps below:

  • Enter the URL of your website for which you need to analyze the SEO basics of.
  • Fill in the simple captcha. It is in place to keep bots and scripts from crashing our servers with too many requests.
  • Click on the “Submit” button for the tool to show the results.

Breaking down the information output by SEO Analysis tool:

This SEO Analysis tool essentially advises you all the major and minor points which will be helpful for you to optimize your website for SEO. SEO Analysis shows you the Green light for the good practices which your site has passed, yellow light for the optimizations which can slightly improve the performance and lastly the red light, which are crucial situations which have a major impact on your SEO campaign and they need your attention to be fixed.

Let me list the most important points for which it’s mandatory for your site to get a green light:

Enable GZip Compression: Enabling GZip compression on your website will significantly improve your site’s loading time and the sites which load quickly are ranked better in Google.

www resolve: You need to select your preferred domain version for your website. It can be either www or naked URL. Once you have decided, you need to place a redirect to the preferred version and update it in webmaster tools since without that, Google will consider the two version of your site as one and will split the juice which is a big NO in a proper SEO campaign.

Mobile Friendliness: If you haven’t yet created a mobile friendly version of your website, then you are missing a lot. According to recent statistics, today, 68% of U.S. adults have a smartphone and would like to browser from it. It will help your website gain a good amount of traffic and sales if you focus on your mobile friendliness nature of your website.

Using Alt attribute in Images: Search engines (like Screen readers for the visually impaired) cannot read images, so it’s crucial for you to place the Alternate text (alt) tag for all the images to make sure you describe to the search engine bot about the image which you are linking from your blog post.

I would like to conclude this article now friends. I hope you guys would follow all the points mentioned above and utilize the tool to improve your SEO scores.


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