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About PageRank Checker

The only way you can measure your SEO efforts is by actually searching for the keyword in a search engine and see how it ranks. Google is the most used search engine worldwide. The method they use to rank all the pages is known as PageRank which has a complex set of algorithms in it. Through these algorithms, Google decides on which pages appear first when a keyword is searched. If you want to check where your webpage ranks on Google, you can use this Google pagerank checker tool.

What is Pagerank Checker?

We all know the importance of SEO and the main result of our efforts in optimization is known through the rank the search engine gives us. However, checking pagerank was full of hassles and could not be done by a simple tool. With this Google pagerank checker, you can now compare and check the pagerank of around 100 sites at once. This is simply astonishing and great for those who want to do multiple searches.

How to Pagerank Checker?

Just like most of the Small SEO tools, using the Google pagerank checker is quite simple as well. You just need to enter the URLs of the site you want to check the pagerank for, in the input given there. If you want to check the ranks of pages for multiple sites, you can do that by adding different sites on different lines. For verification, you would need to enter a mandatory captcha code and then press the 'Get PageRank' button. PageRank for all the links that you had entered will be shown in a proper organized manner. You will see a list of the sites with respected ranks in a separate column.

Why to use Pagerank Checker?

The main purpose of doing Search Engine Optimization is to rank high on Google. But to check the PageRank you would need to see how high it ranks and this is what the tool helps you to do. It is also quite simple to use and can be used by anyone who wishes to check their pages’ rank on Google. After you find it, you can try and make efforts to increase it so that you get higher rankings on search engines.

Tips on increasing your Google PageRank

There are many ways through which you can optimize your site’s Pagerank. You can follow some of the tips below:

  • Use the keywords naturally throughout your page or site so that your targeted keywords get used.
  • Don't try to use hidden keywords which are not visible on the page and are not relevant. You may get penalized by Google and this would affect your site’s Pagerank significantly.
  • Try to build links from trusted sources as this can improve the Pagerank in a great way. The better the source, the higher you rank.

Now when you need to check the PageRank of your site according to Google, you can use this tool to know the exact rank.


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