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About Malware Scanner

In the digital world, malware and viruses can completely destroy your system. In the case of the web ecosystem, if there is any kind of malware and virus on your site, it can ruin your audience's trust. But many web developers are unaware that their site contains malware. Also, it is better for users if they can know which sites are harmful so they can avoid it. This malware scanner tool available here does that job efficiently. It uses Google's site status checker to confirm whether the site is safe or not. The malware scanner works accurately as it comes from a trusted source like Google.

What is Malware Scanner?

It is a tool which lets you know if a website is safe or not. You can know the status of the site simply by click the button. All the users can now check the authenticity of a website by doing a scan through the malware scanner. It is powered by Google's Safe browsing technology which wants you to visit only on the sites that are safe for you. It is quite useful for everyone who browses and is a heavy user of the internet.

How to use Malware Scanner?

Using the malware scanner can't be any simpler. You just need to paste or type the URL of the website for which you want to check the status. There is a 'Submit' button right below the input which you have to press in order to see the result. Once you click it, a new popup will be shown to you which open the Google's site status checker. Through the popup, you will be displayed the results in an organized manner.

Why need to use Malware Scanner?

There are numerous benefits of using the scanner. You definitely don’t want to have viruses and malware on your system and thus you must always make sure to visit only safe websites. There are various websites whose sole purpose is to put malware into your system. You must avoid such sites at all costs and this scanner helps you do just that. For site owners, this is a great scanner as well because they can detect if their site is listed as harmful under Google's checker.

Tips on using the malware checker to scan your site

The sites that are harmful will be automatically ranked down by Google as they detect which sites contain malware and are malicious. So it is better if you check out your site whether everything is safe.

  • You must perform a thorough check on your site through the malware scanner for possibilities of any virus or malicious files.
  • If you find it, the next immediate step must be to remove it from your site and get it scanned again by Google.
  • If everything shows good, you can safely continue with your website without any hassles.

Now that you know about the scanner, you can always check for malware of your website or any sites that you browse.


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