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About Google Index Checker

One of the leading search engines all over the world is Google. There are over billions and billions of people all over the world using Google to solve their queries or to search something. Every website owner wants his or her website on the top of the Google Search engine. So, it is important for each and every webpage of a website to be accessed by Google. The major traffic to any website is generated by Google only. Thus, it is very important to check whether Google is able to go on to every page of the website or not. For this a very powerful tool is available in the world of SEO market. It is the Google Index Checker tool.

What is Google Index Checker?

The Google Index Checker tool is used to find out that whether Google is able to access all the web pages of a website during the crawling process of a website. By just entering the URL of the website, you will come to know what all pages are under the reach of Google and which are not. You can easily check the indexing of any domain on Google with Google Index Checker tool.

How to use Google Index Checker?

Using the Google Index Checker tool is as simple as anything. The interface of the tool is user friendly and you can easily understand the process. Here are some simple steps to work on the tool. These are as follows:

  • Firstly, open Google Index Checker tool.
  • There you will see an empty box with a line ‘enter your URL’. Type the URL of the website you
  • Final step is to give a proof that you are not a robot. For that write the correct captcha as
  • Hit the submit button at the end.

Within a second or two, you will get the full information about the index of the website’s webpage on Google.

Why use Google Index Checker?

Using the Google Index Checker tool is very important. It is so because with the help of this tool, a website owner can get to know the ranking analysis of the website. Searching a single domain at a time, you can get the details about the index number of your website on Google. By getting the idea about the indexing, the owner can then improve the quality and hence the rank of the website.

Extra features of the tool

Google Index Checker tool comes with many features which makes it different from the other tools. Some of the main features of this tool are as follows:

  • It has high accuracy.
  • The speed of the tool is very fast.
  • The results are perfect and are very helpful for the further improvisations.

The Google Index Checker tool shows the total number of pages that Google can access for a particular website. By knowing this, you can get to know about the popularity and the quality of the content in a particular website. Thus, use this tool and take its advantages.


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