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About Google Cache Checker

Have you ever had to make a customized analytical report and that also within a short period of time? Also one of your colleagues has to make the same report within the same period of time and he is able to do it but you are not. How does the other person do that? Analyze multiple websites, determining status of Cache and all that within a short time period seems impossible. The secret is Google Cache Checker. This single online tool is the difference between you and your colleague and the promotion that you could not get.

What is a Cache?

Cache is basically a mechanism that stores web documents for a temporary basis. These documents can be anything like images or HTML and in this way usage of bandwidth is reduced. So web cache stores copies of these documents and pass through it. Then if further need of these documents is seen then subsequent requests can be satisfied from the cache itself. Hence it saves time and extra effort.

What do you mean by Google Cache Checker?

Google Cache Checker is an online tool that allows you to check 10 different websites at the same time. This process significantly reduces the time that would be required to deliver customized analytic reports to the clients. This tool provides an easy way to find out the exact date on which the Google Cache of each URL was last modified and also it provides the exact time.

It also helps in determining status of each cache to speed up the process of identifying and diagnosing any potential issues. This is an online tool is free of cost. It helps you to figure out whether a web page is serving cached pages or not.

Benefits of Google Cache Checker

Apart from its uses it has additional features.

  • Firstly it is free of cost. So you can avail this tool anytime without checking your bank balance. Be it an Executive or a peon both can access this tool.
  • Secondly it is user friendly. It is easily operated. You just have to type the URL of the websites of your choice and it will do the rest of the work.
  • You can input up to 20 links at the same time. This decreases the time required.
  • It allows you to accumulate the results you are looking for without having to visit every single site and also t does this work instantly.
  • You can also analyze a particular site and gather the information you need about the Google cache status which is in relation to every URL and also shows when it was last changed or modified.
  • The people who benefit most from it are SEO people and website owners. It does not require you to download any application or software. All you need is internet connection.
  • Also it is free so you can use it any numbers of times you want and all that it takes is a little bit of typing and a click.


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