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About Email Privacy

Privacy is an important term in our lives. We all want that some personal things that we want to stay with either ourself orin between some special people only. We also expect that others should respect our privacy as we respect theirs. We expect the same with in our emails. In today’s era, email has taken the place of letters. We send official mails and personal mails and expect that they are safe and private whereas the truth is that they are not. The government operates our each online activity and has access to our private details and can use it in any way they want. Here is where Email Privacy Tool steps in.

What are Email Privacy Tool?

Email Privacy Tool encrypts your data. This tool make sure that your mails cannot be read by anyone else. To read your mails the person needs to have your encryption key. So even if someone hacks your account and has those mails they will not be able to read them or use them in any way. These tools are available online and you just need to create an account. But you should be careful with password because if password is lost the tool will not recover it for you. You either have to reset your account (deleting all your mails) or create a new account.

Why do you need Email Privacy?

First of all it is your right. Then secondly you might think you have nothing to hide from Government and your mails will be no use to them then you are wrong. Government, Hackers or thieves anyone can access your email account and then use that to change your passwords for various other accounts like your bank account or access your credit card and spend your money. Send spams from your mails or may be even send mails to enemy and declare you as a traitor.

About Email Privacy Tool’s use and the privileges it offers

Email Privacy Tool provides you the service of encrypting your mail so that even if someone else reads it he or she cannot decode it. The recipient may or may not have the tool but need to have the key or password to decrypt it. In this way even if someone breaks into your account and tries to read your mail they will not understand anything and same goes for if they try to change your password for any account they will not be able to understand anything. To decrypt the message and understand its content the reader shall need the key or password. This is an online tool and can be easily accessed for free. This tool is easily available and is meant for all common people.

When do you need to give your Encryption Key?

You need to give your Encryption key to Government only if they have a warrant. Your emails might be needed in some criminal investigation so you might need to give it to the officials.


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