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About Dmoz Listing Checker

Dmoz is an acronym for the words Directory Mozilla. Dmoz is also known as the open directory project which lists all the sites on the internet or the World Wide Web. The whole project is owned by AOL but it is managed by a group of volunteer editors who keep contributing to the project. Previously there was no way to find out whether or not your website is listed in the Dmoz directory. But with the help of this Dmoz listing checker, you can easily check whether or not your site is listed in the directory.

What is Dmoz Listing Checker?

Dmoz is one of the most famous directories on the internet. You can submit your site into the directory by following the instructions. It is clearly mentioned on their site that it can take from days to many weeks to approve the site. In the process, you would need to check whether or not your site is listed. This Dmoz listing checker will let you know if your site is listed on the Open directory project.

How to use Dmoz Listing Checker?

Just like most of the seo tools, you can use this one with great ease. There are no complex procedures, you simply need to add the URLs of the site that you want to check the listings for. You can also check the listings for multiple sites at once by adding the URLs on separate lines. After that, verify your authenticity through the captcha that is present on the site. You can now press the submit button to see the list of sites you had entered for checking and their status.

Why need to use Dmoz Listing Checker?

The basic purpose of the Dmoz listing checker is that shows you whether or not your site is listed on Dmoz directory. There are several advantages of having your site in the directory as its data is used by some of the best search engines in the world including Google, Bing, Yahoo and much more search engines. Also, you can check many sites together which will save your time as well as let you see all of the sites you care about at a glance.

Tips on adding your site to Dmoz listing

Getting your site listed on Dmoz is a great way to enhance your online presence. You need to keep in mind the following things while trying to add your site on Dmoz's directory.

  • There instructions given on the site that you must read carefully before submitting your site.
  • You need to have patience as it requires some time for them to verify your site and list them on the directory.
  • Choose the most appropriate category in which you need to add your site; it will help them as well as you when your site is shown in the category it belongs to.
  • Read more to find information how to list into Dmoz

When you check many sites for their listing in bulk, you get to know the status of these sites at a glance just with a single click. This can be done only through the Dmoz listing checker without any hassles.


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