What is Moz Domain Authority and is it Important?

08/16/2016 08:28 PM by Ellys Kho in Seo

What is Domain Authority?Today so many opinions about SEO, especially about finding good websites which can provide high-quality backlinks to your sites. Before PageRank still there, in past people always see High PageRank Websites is the best place to provide them high-quality backlinks and can improve their keywords ranking in search engine result pages but since March 2016 Google official shut down their PageRank algorithm which Google PageRank Toolbar and external PageRank Toolbar not working anymore.

So how do we rate websites quality? Since PageRank is not around anymore, webmasters move to another rating tool which known as Domain Authority

What is Domain Authority?

Domain Authority is a tool that used to measure your sites rate based on some factors which: Prestige of the sites, quality of the information on the sites, competitive around the keywords, Age, and backlinks.

Moz team said Domain Authority algorithm or widely known as DA created based: the prestige of the sites, the relevance and quality of the information on the sites, keywords difficult, how many incoming backlinks to the sites, and with over than 40 factors included, the Domain Authority score come up from 0 as lowest and 100 as the highest score. They said to gain Domain Authority score from 0 to 40 is an easy task but, when increasing your domain authority from 41 to 100 is very hard task to do.

They (Moz) said some major search engines like Bing, Google, Yahoo had used software that analyzes and allow them to judge sites quality directly, which use parameters like information inside the sites or prestige with graph perspective, in the form of quality and quantity of backlinks.

Definition of Domain Authority

Domain Authority is an algorithm that Moz created to calculate and measure how good a site rank in search engine result pages, and the calculation based several data from Moz Index, backlinks counts, MozRank, MozTrust and more other factors including that I have said before, the best practice is to use Domain Authority (DA) and Page Authority (PA) as a comparison when you tried to do a research to determining which site is powerful and high-quality.

How do i know my Domain Authority score?

To check or measure your site domain authority you can use online tools, you can use Moz Open Site Explorer or our bulk Domain Authority Checker tool or you can find more across the web. Moz also allowed people to create their own Domain Authority tool by using their Mozscape API and it for free.

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