Simple Checklist to do to drive more traffic

06/28/2016 3:21 PM by Ellys Kho in Seo

get more traffic

More traffic mean money, when ever your product you provide as long have lot traffic to your webpages that will increasing your sales or conversion, to realize it you have to follow simple way and everyone can do that.

Blog Walking

Like the name, you need to visit other people webpages read their article understand the content and leave your trace by insert your webpage url on comment area, not only improve your webpage traffic but also build your links in order to dominate search engine results.

Keep Update your Webpages Frequently

Keep update your webpages frequently to keep your visitors loyal to you and always stay on your niche what ever cost it takes, also Up To Date webpages will gain more favor from search engine because they love active webpages.

Posting Your Webpages to Social Media

Social media is place for people gather and share any information, they also really love a new story or information, post and share about your webpages on social media and find group that related with your niche and promote it.

Submit your article to Social Bookmarking

Posting every your article in social bookmarking sites by doing that you can spread evenly backlinks into all your pages and articles and most of them provide dofollow backlinks, and also social bookmarking can drive traffic to your webpages because they let their users bookmark and share it to their friend. See our Social Bookmarking Sites List.

Optimize your On Page SEO

This technique will drive lot traffic to your webpages, by optimize your webpages SEO that will make your site ranked on search engine results. By combine the technique update your webpage frequently, posting sites to social bookmarking, blog walking and the most important is create simple but unique metatags data for your webpages no doubt will drive more lot visitors and make more money.


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