Checklist to do for your On-Page SEO

07/05/2016 9:14 PM by Ellys Kho in Seo

Checklist to do for your On-Page SEO

SEO more powerful than you know, to drive more traffic you may using paid listing (ads) on other web pages/Google Adwords but how much money you need to spend for advertisement every month ? 1.000$ or 10.000$ ? with SEO you can cut half of your expenses or maybe no more spending money for advertisement to promote your website. This all SEO checklists are essential and you need to optimize your web pages to keep your organic presence on search engine results (SERps).

Meta Tags

Meta tags are known as a headline of content ,a descriptive title tag, write a simple description about your site to help users understand your web pages about and what topic you talking about, and search engines loves descriptive and informative meta tags.

  • Duplicate Title Tags - search engine will confuse when find same/duplicate title tags on your site and they may consider your web pages as spamming sites.
  • Missing Title Tags - search engine and users use title tags to understand what your web pages about, missing title tags will lose ability to rank in search engine results (SERPs).
  • Long Title Tags - modern search engine will only display title tags on SERPs no longer than 60 - 70 characters and cut off the rest, so write short and informative title tags.
  • Description Tags - Write simple, short, informative and unique meta description but no longer than 150 characters.

- Try our Meta Tags Generator Tool

URL (Uniform Resource Locator) Redirect

Redirects is process to forward on url to another one, but to redirect too much of your pages to another pages will cause search engine crawler cover less your web pages.

  • 301 Move Permanent - HTTP status code for web pages has moved to new web pages, this 301 code will redirect all the backlinks from old web page to the new one. With 301 code you can also redirect your non-www domain to www domain this will prevent duplicate content.
  • Reachable - make sure your all your pages reachable by search engine crawlers so they can indexed them.
  • Anchor Text - is clickable text that leads to another page or web pages, a descriptive anchor text increase link relevancy and it's big factor in search engine result rank.
  • Broken Links - A links/anchor text to another pages that not active anymore/exist/moved, broken links will hurts your ranking because search engine can't indexed your web pages completely. This also affecting your users experience and search engine don't like it.
  • URL Length - same like title tags, short and descriptive urls are better and easy to share.
  • Dead Eng Page - when your pages doesn't have any outgoing links, at least put some links on your pages to your another pages.
  • Page Not Found (404) - when visitors tried to access the pages that not exist anymore, to improve users experience you can create custom 404s page.
  • Duplicate Content - this will hurt your ranking badly because search engine will consider you as spammer, to prevent this use Canonicalization or 301 code redirect.
  • Too many links - when you have more than 100 outgoing links to another web pages, search engine consider you as links farm.
  • Server Errors - make sure your web server for you web pages always online.
  • Robots.txt - use robots.txt file to prevent unwanted access directory or files by search engine.
  • Low Words Count - search engine loves rich content web pages so make sure you write article contain enough words. Try our Online Words Counter Tool.
  • Image ALT/Description - crawlers also indexing non-text content pages so put small and descriptive description and titles.

Performance and Web Security

Search engine will really love web pages that have fast load speed and secure from Malicious thing.

  • Webpages Speed - slow loading web pages will affect your conversion rates and bounce rates. Usually people will leave the web pages if they still loading, reduce your web pages html size using gzip, try to compress your CSS files, Javascript files, and Images.
  • Insecure Form - Insecure online form (non HTTPS connection) can't protect emails, passwords or private information from malicious individuals can be lower your ranking.


Webpages ranking determined by how many inbound links (backlinks) to it, the more web pages linking point your pages the more trustworthy and higher PageRank your site to be. To complete your analysis about your websites you should try our SEO Analysis Tool to get your site report analysis.


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