Penguin 4.0 Is Now Real Time & More Granular

Days ago Google had officially announced a Penguin v4.0 algorithm, after two years ago they had released Penguin v3.0 in October 2014, and the first launched at 2012 ago. Google said Penguin v4.0 algorithm are part of their core algorithm which we knew that Google Algorithm Core relies upon on more than "200 ranking signals." The signals...
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What is Google Sandbox

Google Sandbox Maybe not all people ever heard about one of Google Search product about "Google SandBox", Google sandbox is algorithm created by Google to contain web pages penalized by them (like Prison). When web pages get penalized and threw to the Google Sandbox that web pages may not be seen again on search engine result or prevent them not...
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Mobile Apps ads for mobile friendly sites

On November 2015, Google announced that interstitial ads that hide some amount content will no longer consider as Google Mobile-Friendly  because when it come mobile users search some information in web pages or apps many of them have not a good experience and frustrating the users who come to see the information they needed in web pages. Google...
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Pagerank is Dead

I just notice since 15 April 2016, Google officially has been killed their most popular and powerful Algorithm known as Google Pagerank, Google Pagerank used by webmasters to over than 15 years as measure of importance, more higher Pagerank result more valuable it become. Google Pagerank also one of important ranking factor in search engine results. But...
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