What Makes an SEO Expert?

A large number of people have heard about the numerous opportunities that SEO offers. A good number of people have expressed a desire to offer SEO services. The number of SEO experts has been on a constant rise in the past few years. Similarly, the number of businesses requesting the services has seen a steady rise over time. Anyone who is interested in...
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Web Design Elements For Your Site You Should Start Using

Web design strategies are continually changing. What is popular one minute may be unpopular the next. However, certain web design strategies become core design philosophies. If you want the websites you are designing to be current, you will want to implement the latest design strategies when they are first developed and in high demand. Understanding the...
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Google AMP : How to install Google AMP in WordPress

Hey, Folks! As you are pretty aware that “Google“ always keeps on experimenting with new technology trends that could be beneficial for users. So, keeping its legacy it has started a new concept called Accelerated Mobile Pages i.e AMP and this thing is making news these days. This post explains what actually AMP is and how it can be beneficial...
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Penguin 4.0 Is Now Real Time & More Granular

Days ago Google had officially announced a Penguin v4.0 algorithm, after two years ago they had released Penguin v3.0 in October 2014, and the first launched at 2012 ago. Google said Penguin v4.0 algorithm are part of their core algorithm which we knew that Google Algorithm Core relies upon on more than "200 ranking signals." The signals...
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SEO Experts : How to Handle SEO Clients

In the modern world, there is high competition for the available job opportunities. There are many qualified and experienced professionals that exceed the number of related job positions. Many professionals have found it necessary to be creative. Most young people have been opting to pursue self-employment through setting up their own companies. The...
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Risks Associated With Hiring SEO Companies

Much has been said about the benefits of hiring SEO companies. Apart from accessing quality services, one is left with more time to concentrate on building their business. There are a number of risks associated with hiring SEO companies. The risks are even more pronounced when they are not accompanied by proper planning. Such risks can have adverse effects...
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How to create content that SEO friendly?

If you are a blogger or webmaster, you probably heard this term a million times that content is king and SEO is queen. It is absolutely correct since content is what your visitors are looking for besides an appealing interface. Let’s face it guys, if I am a searcher looking for a solution to my problem and I drop at a site with clean interface and SE...
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