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Backlinks are one of the most important things when you are trying to uplift the SERP of your website. The better backlinks you get, the more your chances to rank higher on Google and other search engines. These are created when other sites link to you. If the sites that link back to your site are popular and carry authority, then your rankings will see a significant boost. So, in order to get the most out of this, you need to first know about how many sites link back to you. This will enable you to generate more data about those backlinks so that you can increase your rankings. Previously, there were no such tools which let you do that. But, we have a great tool to check how many backlinks you currently have.

What is it Backlink Checker?

This backlink checker tool is one of the best ways through which you check the number of link backs to your site. It is very easy to use and this shall benefit you in a great way to improve the SERP of your website.

How to use Backlink Checker?

Using the backlink checker tool is extremely simple. You just need to type in the URL for which you want to know the number of websites that link back to your site. There will be a captcha test through which you have to prove that you are a human and submit it. The results will be shown almost instantly and you can then know the number of websites that are linked back to your site. Comparing to other sites, this tool by is the easiest to use.

Why use Backlink Checker Tool?

Checking the backlinks is one of the best ways you can measure how much links your site is getting. Only when you get to know how much links are currently present then you can go on to decide what your targets should be. When you improve your links, your search results automatically goes up since in the search engine algorithms as backlinks play a huge role in ranking your site. In fact, page links were one of the first ways through which Google measured ranks.

Tips on Backlinks and SEO

Following these tips will ensure better backlink generation and in turn, increase your search engine rankings. So try them out if you haven't already done it.

  • Make guest posts on different blogs of your niche and then link your site there. This is a good way to generate backlinks.
  • Create social media profiles where you can put your site links.
  • Try creating links on popular sites such as Wikipedia as they are trusted sites which offer good quality backlinks.

When you use such SEO tools like the backlink checker, this makes it easier for you to track it easily and improve the rankings too. More than that, the tool is completely free to use and there are a number of benefits through it, so there is no reason why you would not want to use it.


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